13 July 2010

• Fernande

Miss Fernande was a model for Jean Agelou in the 1910's and apparently into the 1920's. She lived downtown Paris in a hotel, just two doors away from the Jean Agelou's studio. Jean Agelou was a well known photographer of portraits, landscapes and nude postcards. During her modeling days , Miss Fernande modeled for Jean Agelou almost exclusivity ... She did appear on other cards published under other names, but most were J.A. pictures. Fernande appeared in few issues of art magazine for students named L'Etude Academique.

In the Ferruccio Farina's book published in 1989 called "Venus Unveiled", Miss Fernande was a prostitute. Farina said that the archives of the Paris police department, kept a record of all the "horizontal women", and undeniably documented a Fernande, with no last name given, as one of the known 6,500 Paris prostitutes. In 1912, her age is listed as twenty.