03 June 2011

• Ingrid

• Ingrid Bergman by Madison Lacy from Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 film noir, "Spellbound" . The image was taken from a dream sequence designed for the film by Salvador Dali, wherein Bergman turns into a statue of the Roman goddess Diana. Both Hitchcock and producer David O. Selznick were less than fond of Dalí's ideas, and Bergman is quoted in David Spoto's Hitchcock biography, "The Dark Side of Genius," as saying that the Dalí sequence ran for almost twenty minutes before much of it, including the Diana portion, was cut by Selznick. The cut footage no longer exists, and only a few of Lacy's production stills have survived. This particular example, which shows the actress in a quintessentially sophisticated pose, has become quite famous over time VIDEO